Leadership: Coaching to Engage Teams - Introduction




Coaching to Engage Teams first comes with understanding our own motivators at work and in our personal lives. Together, we will explore the complex dynamics of individuals and understand how to identify motivators within teams.

Utilising the TotalSDI self-assessment tool which is completed before the course, content is delivered to provide both knowledge and self-awareness, while practical application is reinforced through role-place, case studies, analysis and group discussions and planning. Ongoing, you will learn how to manage and coach teams and provide constructive individual and team planning, provide constructive feedback and learn 4 styles of leadership and when the follow the styles based on your individual or team's current status. 

Target group

Leaders required to expand their styles for more effective teams / Members seeking more self-awareness and aspiring to coach individuals and lead teams.

Course Outline

Part 1 – Definitions

· Teams versus Working Groups

· Core Team Concepts

· Identify qualities and abilities

Part 2 – Leadership Fundamentals

· Awareness, Ability, Commitment = Effectiveness

· Assessing the relationship dynamics and communication styles (TotalSDI)

· Influencing

· Listening and questioning

Part 3 – Strengths in Coaching

· Conditions of relationships

· Strengths awareness

· Applying strengths for motivation

· Overdone strengths and perception

Part 4 – Motivation

· Team vs individual motivation

· What motivates teams?

· Strategies to motivate

Part 5 – Decisions and Styles

· Directive leadership

· Styles of leadership

· Team development

· Applying styles of situations

Part 6 – Communication

· Delegation and feedback techniques

· Applying styles to team and individual readiness

· Practice coaching and correcting difficult and challenging behaviors

· Identify the differences between coaching and discipline

Part 7 – Coaching model (GROW)

· Mindset of coaching

· Introduction to GROW

· Leading a conversation

· Expanding knowledge of questioning appropriately

· Application: Case Study

· Training IPS Coaching Tool Kit

Part 8 – Team Conflict Management

· Understand the different types of conflict

· Personal conflict style

· Applying TotalSDI to conflict

· Conflict management rules

· Taking conflict to your team for brainstorming

· Case study: Team conflict and intervention


Non-member: RMB6,000 / HK7,000

Member: RMB5,000 / HK$6,000

(Includes TotalSDI Assessment Report, 2-days training, materials, lunch)   



- November 7-8


- November 14-15

Hong Kong:

- November 21-22