Engaging and interactive programs for your team

Team Buildings

Small or large groups


We can cater our programs from groups of 10 to over 300. Your next team building is waiting to be arranged.

Sample Activities


We have a lot of programs already designed. We're happy to discuss your requirements and goals and provide you with a tailored outline. 

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Drive your Values


Align your organization's values to create a theme for your team building. Create an enjoyable time for your team and also a memorable and meaningful outcome for your organization.

How do we do it?

Sample Activities

The Visionary Race


A customized program containing activities for groups to race around a selected venue, achieve tasks, accumulate points, and finally see who wins the race. 


Venue defines the activities, length of program. 

Escape Challenge


We bring your escape challenge to where you are. No need to leave your office or hotel. Give your participants the fun and engaging team activity to work together (and against).

Customized to your industry. Are you ready? Time starts now!

Art Escape


Let your team's creative juices run with this professionally led art program. It's different, it's fun and its really enlightening.

A wonderful memento for your office or each member to take away from their program.

Boom Whacker Team Building


Start off your meeting or your team building with this musical exercise. We bring everything and all you need to bring is a sense of fun and enjoyment. 

Creating this musical symphony delights your team and kicks things off in a positive manner.

Drive your Values

Tie in your values

Our programs are all about your, your company, and your team. Let us work with you to create a meaningful and valuable experience for your team. Activities can be built around your mission, vision and values.


We can conduct online surveys to identify interests for a team building theme. Whether it be to instill values or create better relationships, let your people also have a say in what they are looking for.


We provide you with a selection of tailored activities to drive your values. Each activitiy will be carefully planned to stimulate the values you wish to drive. Finally, we will debrief and allow your team to reflect on their learning points.